Ring, white and gold plated

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Size: 20 mm (outside diameter)

Color: White Gold

Material: Stainless steel with 14K gold coating

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Beautiful ring in good quality with a beautiful shape. The ring has a little slit, that makes it easy to be set up with other rings. The ring can be used in many different ways, and looks beautiful and elegant when set together with other rings. The ring can be used as:

-A ring-most women can fit our ring size 20 or 25 mm either on the rings or the forefinger. We can recommend using multiple rings in different colours next to each other on the finger.

– Necklace, with lots of rings place together, which adds an incredible look to the necklace. Use our necklace with a ring at every end, and can fit your desired number of rings.

– Armband made of rings, That can be put together around the hand, either one or many rounds.

– Earring. The ring can be put together with our earrings.

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